2 on a Boat Book

About the Book. . .

This book was written in response to all those couples who have been challenged with finding a way that works for both partners on the boat. Just like there are differences between mono-hulls and multi-hulls so there are differences between men and women. You would not say that one is better than the other but just different.

It is for the women who have had teary moments of either not understanding the process, terms or what is the right thing to do. To having their fears dismissed, which prevents your heart from fully enjoying what is possible. For women who don’t want to be yelled at and who feel they know they could understand what is going on if only someone would explain it right!

For men you will begin to understand how women learn, process and communicate differently. And guys, if you want your wife/girlfriends to develop a passion for the sea as you have, then you need to understand that women can get there but they just need to come from a different approach.

In the Book

Captain Josie discusses how couples can better work together by understanding the gender differences. Men and women learn, process and communicate differently. Not good, not bad, just different.

What are the top 20 issues that hold some women back from becoming confident sailors?

In this book you will learn 14 gender differences that make a difference including:

1) How we differ in our goals and needs,
2) Verbal and non-verbal communication,
3) The difference in linear learning and visual learning,
4) The hierarchy vs. team approach,
5) Overall and end results,
6) Handling crisis

We will also discuss those ever important issues:

To yell or not to yell? Is there a time to yell? When is yelling appropriate?

How to avoid the pitfalls of miscommunication, fire drills and being a spectacle when docking and anchoring.

What things are most important to men vs. women and how to help or hurt your sailing mate?

Simple things guys can do to help his mate more interested and willing to go the distance and achieve the dream, and ways to sabotage the whole plan.

About Captain Josie has been teaching women and couples since the turn of the century (LOL). Her years of insight and sometimes challenging encounters has helped her to see first had the patterns between women and men. Her new book is the culmination of her research on gender issues, teaching tools and seminar materials and advise for women and couples based on personal stories and those of her students.

Captain Josie purchased her 28 O’day in 1998 and single handed it in the Bahamas in the winter of 2000. She has since accomplished both an Atlantic and Pacific ocean passages in 2001 & 2002.