SWW & 2×2 Micro Method




The Sailing Wind Wheel & 2×2 Micro Method Manual

What is the 2×2 MICRO-METHOD?
The 2×2 micro method takes all the components of sailing and simplifies it down to the microscopic level and then builds it back up one component at a time. When most people pick up a sailing book it is chalked full of information. If fact, so much information that people can become overwhelmed.

The basics of understanding sailing requires understanding there is only 2 of everything. Two sides of the boat, two sails, two sail shapes etc.

It’s too easy to get lost in all the complicated “stuff” about sailing. Keep with the philosophy of “KISS” Keep It Simple Sweetheart. It’s not stupid because nobody is stupid when they are learning something new.

The Sailing Wind Wheel was designed to help people better visualize the wind which is “invisible.” You can easily see how the boat turns through the wind etc. but that is not the end of the story.

Too often the challenge people have with learning is because the basic language is not explained first, which makes learning everything else just gibberish.

The Sailing Wind Wheel manual is designed to guide students step by step through each component showing the two sides to each. It is so simplified that anyone can see the simplicity of it. A worksheet is included to write out each of the components in the 2×2 format.

By starting with the manual, before diving into using the Sailing Wind Wheel you will have that basic foundation built and then you start practicing your turns using the correct “conversation” before you do it on the water.

The words of the wind, sailing commands and basic proper sail trim are clearly explained on the back. Including additional visuals of the sail shape for each point of sail.

Trying to side step the learning process is where most people get lost.

The 2×2 Micro-Method will help you build your foundation first, then the Sailing Wind Wheel will help you put it all into practice.

Whether you are teaching yourself or teaching a friend, no sailor should be without the Sailing Wind Wheel. Many people already have it aboard their boat and use it to demonstrate the process to new guests who have never sailed.


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